The Project

The Milk of Human Kindness is a documentary where we ask you about your thoughts and beliefs on what kindness is. Obviously, it will mean different things to different people, and that's why we want everyone to get involved.

What is it?

How do we perceive kindness, both personally, and in society today? How important is kindness to us? Is kindness a virtue or a negative quality?

These are the subjects we want you to help us explore in our documentary "The milk of human kindness".

The content for the documentary will primarily be crowd sourced (not to be confused with crowd funded; we don't want your money, just you!). We will pose some questions to you and you respond by filming your answers and thoughts and upload the video files for us to include in the documentary.

We will start by asking 3 questions, but depending on the responses we get, it may lead to further questions to expand on those responses. If you strike a note with us with your responses, we may even visit you to interview you personally(1).

Submissions will be open to any person, from any country, of any age(2), and all walks of life.

Ready to get started?

Create an account, get the questions and look at our filming guide and tips, and start filming. Further instructions, including how to upload your video, will be included in your contributor section once you log in.

1. Personal visits currently only available to participants from the USA.
2. Parental consent will be required for submittors under the age of 18.
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